How to start Calibrachoa (Million Bells) from seeds?

How to start Calibrachoa (Million Bells) from seeds?

The brilliant colors and flower shapes are what draw gardeners’ attention. A Million Bells quickly became one of the most popular plants in the garden, thanks to its wide range of colors and designs. As a result, this article from will show you how to plant and care for a Million Bells seeds in your garden to create a vibrant ambiance.

When to sow Million Bells seeds?

You should sow Million Bells seeds in early spring or late fall, or year-round if you’re growing them in containers indoors. Sow million bell seeds in the spring. After the young plants grow, you can move the plants to grow in the garden or in pots depending on your preference. They will benefit from the heat when the soil heats up in the summer, promoting root and foliage growth.

What are the best conditions for million bell seeds?


Fill your planting containers with soilless potting mix amended with humus or compost. Potting mix will ensure the excellent drainage necessary for plant health, as a Million Bells hate soggy soil. You should plant them in rich, well-draining soil with a slightly acidic pH of 5.2 to 6. Cover the soil with organic mulch to keep the root system cool and to stop evaporation


After sowing Million Bells seeds, you should put up full light. Because this is the best place for its germination history. Dappled shade or afternoon shade are second-best choices in the garden, however, due to a reduction in blooming, your “Million Bells” may become “a hundred bells.”


The plants are about 18 inches apart to allow for spreading.

Temperature and humidity

Plants such as Million Bells seeds thrive in hot conditions, yet they can become heat-stressed. If you plant them in a dry area, spray the seeds every day or as needed to enhance humidity and revitalize the leaves. However, avoid misting in direct sunshine, as this might cause leaf burn.


You do not use fertilizers for Calibrachoa seeds while sowing, using fertilizer only when flowers are growing to stimulate the growth of the plant.

How to plant Million Bells seeds 

Another method is planting Million bells from seed indoors and transplanting them outdoors after the first frost. Now, Garden How will say for you how to sow Million Bells seeds

How to sow Million Bells seeds?

Step 1: Prepare the location

To begin, you must use a seed starting kit and sow indoors eight weeks before the latest frost date. If you want to, you can start sowing a Million bells as early as February.

Prepare the location

Step 2: Sow Million Bells seeds

Fill a small tray with about 3 inches of growing soil and lightly moisten it.

Because seeds require sunlight to germinate, spread them thinly and lightly into the seed starting mix. Mist pelted seed to dissolve the covering.

Step 3: Take care of Million Bells seeds

Re-water the entire area. To prevent them from drying out too quickly, cover the growth tray with cling film or use a mini-greenhouse. Keep the temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take care of Calibrachoa seeds

Step 4: Germination

Seedlings appear in 10-14 days. Place seedlings in bright sunshine on a sunny windowsill as soon as they emerge, or grow them to a height of 3-4 inches under fluorescent plant lights that are on 16 hours a day and off for 8 hours at night.


Step 5: Put the young Million Bells seeds plants in individual

3–4 weeks after germination, place the young seedlings in individual containers. As before, keep the plantlets in a light environment and protect them from drying out. The temperature, though, may have dropped now.

Step 6: Hardened off the plants

To adapt immature seedlings to outside circumstances, place them in a covered area outside for a week. First, shield them from the wind and the light. Cover or bring containers inside if frost is forecast for the night, then return them in the morning.

This approach strengthens the plant’s cell structure and reduces transplant shock and scorching.

Transplant Million bells seedlings

After the time you sow Calibrachoa seeds, when a plant has germinated, you should move it out. Here is the information we found to complete the transplant process in the garden and the pots.

Transplant Million bells seedlings in the pots

Step 1: Set up the location

To prepare the bed, turn the soil under to an 8-inch depth.

Using a rake, remove any clumps of grass or stones.

The majority of plants do well in soils that have been amended with organic matter.

Million bell plants should be spaced 6 to 12 inches apart in the garden.

Step 2: Planting Million bells 

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball for each plant.

Adapt to the level of the surrounding soil. Fill the root ball with dirt to the top. Firmly pack the soil around the plant, leaving a small depression for water to collect.

Transplant Million bells seedlings in the garden
Transplant Million bells seedlings in the garden

Step 3: Million bells maintenance

Water thoroughly after planting Million bells until a puddle forms in the plate you’ve made. This enhances root-to-soil contact, removes air pockets, and roots the plants.

That concludes the Million bell planting methods. You can plant these blooms in any suitable spot.

Transplant Million bells seedlings in the garden

Step 1: Prepare and choose pot or container

The first thing you need to do is choose a container with a drainage hole. You make sure you have compost or a slow-release granular fertilizer on hand and water.

Prepare and choose pot or container

Step 2: Planting Million bells

Remove the plant from the container with care. Pull it out by the stem instead. 

Before planting, loosen any roots that are growing around the pot’s edge. You should wet the root ball to separate the roots easier

Next, you need to mix compost or fertilizer into the soil.

Add the Million bells plant to the hole and backfill.

After gently pressing down the earth around the root, water the well.

Planting Calibrachoa in the pot
Planting Calibrachoa in the pot

Step 3: Place the pot or container

Finally, you place the pot or container in a sunny location to ensure the growth process of Million bells. 

Place the pot or container

Harvesting and Store Million Bells seeds 

Harvesting Million Bells seeds

Million Bells seeds collection is not difficult, and it is a skill that every gardener should have. Calibrachoa seeds are simple to collect; simply dry the pods on the plant before breaking them open and collecting the seeds.

Another approach is snipping or plucking the dried seed pods from the stalk. Handle them cautiously because they’ve gone brown and are about to burst open.

The black and tiny million bell seeds will then be released by crushing and rolling the pods on paper over a hard surface.

Many growers are frustrated since not all Million Bells kinds yield seeds because they are sterile, and even if they do, certain hybrids’ Million Bells seeds do not grow true to the parent. Pods will appear near the end of the flowering season, in late summer or fall, depending on the variety.

Store Million Bells seeds

It’s a good idea to keep Million Bells seeds in a small jar or envelope after gathering them. Remove any residual seed pod debris before placing the seeds into your container. For a gentler method, fold the paper in half and gently tap it on the jar or envelope.

The gathering date, flower color, and other details are then written on the bag or envelope. Keep the seeds in a dark, cold, dry area until you’re ready to plant them.

Because a Million Bells produce such a small amount of microscopic seeds, proper collection and storage methods are critical.


How fast do million bells grow?

This is a short-lived plant that will quickly fill a container with its trailing blooms.

What’s the difference between million bells and petunias?

Petunias and million bells are frequently confused because they trail, spread, and mound similarly. However, a million bells have smaller flowers than petunias, and they can be easier to care for, as well.

Final Thoughts

A million bells will liven up your landscape with their season-long flowers. A million bells is a gardener’s favorite because of its vibrant displays of delicate blossoms. Which creates a dreamlike and appealing beauty. The information that provided above will help you have an overview of Million Bells seeds. Thank you for reading!

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