How to grow Spinach in pots? Detailed Guide from Gardening Expert

How to grow Spinach in pots?

You love Spinach because of its nutrient value and want to grow them. However, you don’t have more room for it. Don’t worry! learn How to grow Spinach in pots in the easiest way and harvest this nutritious green in your home in the smallest of spaces with Garden How! We invite you to take a look!

Some growth characteristics of Spinach

The plant Spinach favors cool climes, and can withstand cold, but cannot withstand heat. It is a plant that is indigenous to temperate areas. The tree can withstand low temperatures since plants develop slowly at 10 o C and quickly at 18 to 20 o C, respectively (-10 o C).

Light requirements 

Plants need light for growth, nutritional development, and leaf development; nevertheless, direct light and intense light are not good for plants. Because Spinach tolerates the shade, it can be interplanted with other tall trees.

The moisture-loving plant Spinach cannot stand waterlogging. Therefore, it’s important to maintain humidity levels between 75 and 85% when the plant is growing.

The right time to grow Spinach in pots

  • The early season can be sown from late September to early October.
  • It is the sowing crop from mid-October to mid-November.
  • The late winter-spring crop is sown from December to early January.
  • Spring crop is sown from mid-January to early February.

How to choose pots and equipment for growing Spinach

You can select pots of various sizes
Choosing a suitable pot and mixing soil to grow Spinach.

You can select pots of various sizes and quality based on your requirements, goals, and tastes. But in order for veggies to develop successfully, you should select containers and tools like styrofoam jars and plastic pots. These have huge diameters, and the plants have enough room to grow with a depth of over 25 cm.

How to choose a potting medium to grow Spinach in pots?

Although Spinach enjoys dampness, it cannot withstand waterlogging, thus the substrate must guarantee porosity and effective drainage. The dahlia-growing medium can select from commercially available media like premium organic substrates, T-Rat media, etc. that are ideal for the plant.

According to the mixing formula, the substrate can be self-mixed with soil (fertile soil, alluvial soil), coal slag, and other materials (sawdust, coir). Rotten manure (microbiological manure) is mixed by the lungs in the ratio: of 1/2 soil + 1/4 coal slag + 1/4 rotting manure. 

Following the above ratio of mixing, it is required to treat any fungal infections that may have been present in the substrate with solutions like Daconil 75 WP (1 gram/1 liter of water) or Ridomil Gold 68 WG solution (3 grams/liter). 40 to 50 liters of solution per 1 m3 of the substrate) uniformly sprayed on the mixed media.

Techniques for selecting Spinach varieties to grow in containers

You can grow Spinach by sowing your own seeds or by purchasing pre-made seedlings.

Choose propeller seeds from dependable and high-quality seed sources if you grow your own seeds. Spinach seeds need to germinate quickly (select seeds that are not expired, have intact packaging, are not torn, moist ..).

For seedlings, it is advised to select seedlings with three to four true leaves, healthy plants free of pests and diseases, and trees that grow uniformly.

Techniques to treat Spinach seeds to grow in pots

Spinach seeds should be soaked for 3–4 hours in hot (two boiling, three cold) water prior to sowing. After that, remove it and wash it in fresh water. It is sowed when the seed begins to exude water. The seeds will grow rapidly, uniformly, and strongly as a result of doing this.

How to grow Spinach in pots?

Growing Spinach has 2 ways: Growing seedlings or sowing seeds.

Grow Spinach in pots with seeds

Grow Spinach in pots with seeds
Sow spinach seeds in a pot at least 6 inches deep.

There are 2 ways of sowing: sowing thinly and sowing thickly

Sow the seeds thinly and prune the leaves gradually: 

The treated seeds should be planted 5 cm apart from one another after the soil has been added to the pot. Once the seeds have been sown, cover them with a 2 cm layer of dirt. After that, moisten with water, and position in a bright spot. The vegetables can be cut into bite-sized pieces once the plant sprouts and grows to a height of 10–15 cm. When watering your plants, be sure to use clean water.

Sow the seeds thickly and harvest the seedlings: 

Continue by spreading the seeds thickly in the medium, covering them with a thin layer, watering to maintain moisture, and storing them somewhere cool. comparable to sowing

Grow Spinach in pots with seedlings

Planting distance: Plants 15 cm apart, rows 10-12 cm apart.

Spinach care and harvesting techniques

Spinach care and harvesting techniques
It is important to take care of Spinach.

Watering: Depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to provide water for the plants, regularly keep the plants moist, especially after the plants have grown, and can be watered 1-2 times a day in the early morning or late afternoon.

Fertilization: You can fertilize plants with urea, after 10 to 15 days, and apply once a week to achieve the best effect.

Harvest: When the plant has 5 to 7 leaves (35-40 days after planting), it can be harvested and stored in a cool place, avoiding exposure to sunlight.

Final Thoughts about how to grow Spinach in containers

Growing Spinach in pots is the best way to enjoy a homegrown harvest in a limited space like a windowsill or a balcony. This nutritious leafy green is not difficult if you know all the tips on How to grow Spinach in pots! Visit to learn more about Spinach. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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