How to grow Onions at home? Guidance from Sowing to Harvesting

How to grow Onions at home?

Onion is easy to grow and does not need complicated care. However, How to grow Onions at home successfully? Don’t worry! Joining Garden How’s article to learn more about some useful methods to grow this vegetable effectively and achieve a high yield. Let’s go together!

Prepare the best soil to grow Onions at home

You start by plowing the soil to a depth of 20-30cm and drying the soil for 10-15 days to eliminate diseases of plants. Then adjust the soil by adding a little lime and sprinkling it over the plot. 

Before adding nutrients to the soil with bio-organic fertilizers, you should apply 1-2 tons more and add 3-4 tons of plant residues such as dried leaves and hay, and 200-300kg of crushed neem seeds in the soil.

Then, you dig a trench 1m wide, flatten the land, and water it. Let it sit for 5-7 days before planting. Put the distance between the plants about 10 to 15cm. The distance between the rows is about 10-15cm, after preparing the plot, you water them regularly.

How to grow Onions at home?

How to grow hydroponic Onions at home

Currently, the hydroponic vegetable method is being applied very widely. The benefits of it bring big value not only in terms of quality but also effective pest control. 

How to grow hydroponic Onions at home
The growing hydroponic Onions method is being applied very widely.

How to grow Onions in pots at home?

Step 1: Prepare the soil by loosening the soil. 

Step 2: Mix peanut shells with soil, then, shovel the soil into the pot without pressing the soil firmly. 

Finally, Step 3: Use a knife to cut the onion from 3-5cm above the roots and then cut the cuttings into the potting soil. Each plant is 2cm apart, watering enough moisture. 

If growing by seeds, about 4-5 seeds per pot are enough. To prevent the plants and roots from sticking too tightly as they grow.  Take care of it by watering regularly in the morning and evening.

However, when the leaves are mature, you should reduce the number of times to 1 time a day. For potted plants, there is no need to fertilize. Just are crushed peanut shells or sprinkled on the ground. Moreover, you can compost at home to fertilize your Onions.

How to take care of Onions after you grow them at home?


After growing Onions, it is better to water them in the morning and evening. Also, you water until the leaves are long. Then, just water once a day.

How to take care of Onions after you grow them at home?
You water Onions in the morning and evening.


You add rotting manure at the rate of 0.5 to 1 kg before planting. For chemical fertilizers use the formula 20-10-10 or 46-0-0 at the rate of 20-25g. 

Besides, you divide into 2 times of fertilizer before planting and 20 days after planting. When you fertilize Onions for 20-25 days, you apply biological fertilizer. About 1kg/m2 with some bio-based liquid fertilizer. 

The ingredients in liquid biofertilizer are 10kg of biofertilizer, 3kg of dry manure, and 5kg of legumes. You mix them in a bucket of 100-200 liters of water or add water until it is approximately 10 cm high. 

How to identify, prevent and control pests and diseases of Onions after growing?

Root and tuber rot


Disease outbreaks are often caused by the land plot being too tight and poorly drained. The initial symptom is that the outer leaves become yellow, dry, and spread leading to plant death. 

When uprooting, it was found that the plant easily slipped out of the soil. Because the roots and tubers were badly damaged. Noticed the coarse white, or light brown, dark brown filaments of the fungus growing at the base of the tree. 

Prevention and treatment

  • Plant crops such as rice, corn, green beans, or soybeans alternately to keep the soil. 
  • Before planting, the soil needs to be limed with an appropriate dose. 
  • When detecting disease, it is necessary to collect diseased plants and soil in the affected area and destroy them.
  • Spray Tichoderma antifungal 50-100g/20 liters of water. 

Purple spot disease

Cause and symptoms

It is caused by a fungus called Alternaria. Injuries appear when it is cold and foggy. The initial symptoms are succulent, small greenish-gray spots, round or oval in shape.

Later, the edge of the wound turns purple-brown. Lesions are oval in shape along the length of the leaf and widen with severe transformation. The fungus produces a fine black powder. 

Purple spot disease
Purple spot disease appears when it is cold and foggy.

Prevention and treatment

Before growing Onions, you have to plow the soil 2-3 times to minimize pathogens. Adjust the acidic soil with lime or compost until the soil is in the pH range of 6.5 to 7. 

When an outbreak is detected, immediately spray a bacillus fungicide at the rate of 50g/20 liters of water. Foliar spray to prevent diseases and plants showing signs of disease. 

The benefit of using Onions

  • Contains essential oils that have an effective desensitization effect
  • Helps prevent constipation
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood
  • Contains cancer-fighting flavonoids
  • Helps fight free radicals and stimulates the body’s immune system
  • Used to treat colds, stuffy noses, runny noses, and fevers
  • Reduces risk of calcium and phosphorus-induced osteoporosis symptoms

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Garden How provided you with answers for how to grow onions at home. Hopefully, the above information is useful to you. Do not forget to regularly visit the website Garden How to update some useful information. Thank you for your interest in following the article! 

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