How to grow Green Onions? Planting & Care Guide

Green onion is an indispensable spice in many family meals and farmers grow them all year round to serve the consumption needs of every family. So how to grow Green Onions for high yield? This article for Garden How will help you learn more about growing techniques. 

What is Green Onion?

Green onions belong to the Onion family (Alliaceae), whose scientific name is Allium fistulosum. It is also known by familiar names such as spring onion, scallion, or green onion. They are herbaceous plants, dark green in color. The leaves are strong, hollow insides, about 40cm long. 

What is Green Onion?
Green onions belong to the Onion family.

Each onion stem can grow from 3-5 leaves. When it is old, green onions will appear as white flowers at the top of the leaves. It has a mild aromatic flavor that goes well with many European and Asian cuisines. 

Unlike onions, Green Onions only develop leaves, and the bulbs are not large. Also, the flavor of onions is stronger than that of green onions.

What we should prepare before growing Green Onions?

Choosing Onion variety

Selecting the best variety is so important. You should choose a variety that is not smothered, pest-free, slimy, and large. Then the new plant will grow strongly. 

Making land to plant Green Onions

If you grow to do business on a large scale, you should plant onions in the beds. Each bed is about 30cm high, and about 1m wide. Alternating between the onion beds are small ditches to help farmers take better care of their plants. 

Make sure your soil is small and smooth. In fact, you can grow them in many different types of soil, however, the best is alluvial soil rich in nutrients and less acidic soil. 

Planting density 

The distance between rows is about 25-30cm. And the distance between the plant is about arm’s length. One clove of onion in each hole. Do not plant holes too close together will make your onion stunted leading to low yield. 

In addition, planting distance also depends on natural conditions. If you grow green onions in the dry season, you should plant them thicker than in the rainy season. 

How to grow Green Onions?

The technique of growing Green Onions with plastic bottles

You need to prepare a plastic bottle
With this method, you can harvest green onions in about 6-7 days.

You need to prepare a plastic bottle of about 5 liters and cut off the top of the bottle. Then you have to punch many small holes with the same distance, just the right size so that the onion branches can pass through.

Pour a moderate amount of soil into that plastic bottle, insert the onion cloves and water, and fertilize fully. In about 6-7 days, you can harvest green onions. 

Planting in beds of the field

Before planting, you should water the soil to moisten it so that we can plant the onion cloves more easily and take root faster. Stick onion cloves to the surface of the bed, and cover with a layer of the stomach, dry grass should be on the surface to limit weed growth and keep plants moist. 

Green onions need water to grow. To prevent the plant from drying out, you should water the plant twice a day. With increasingly modern technology, you can buy a sprinkler to water the plants. 

Besides, regular weeding, and cleaning to avoid the condition that the grass eats up the nutrients of the onion. You can intercrop other vegetables on both sides of the onion bed such as cabbage, white radish, etc. have both green vegetables to eat and fewer weeds, right? 

The technique of growing Green Onions with containers

The technique of growing Green Onions with containers
You can grow Green Onions in containers easily.

It is better to make sure about the soil requirements: fresh, humus-rich, and rich in nutrients. Your containers must be perforated for good drainage. In each hole should plant 2 cloves of onions. 

You must regularly water and fertilize your onion. This planting method will also be similar to the way of planting with plastic bottles harvested 6-7 days after planting. So easy, right?

Growing Green Onions in the water

This planting method is quite simple
Growing Green Onions in the water is one of the simplest ways.

This planting method is quite simple, you only need small bottles and jars and do not need soil. You prepare green onions with their roots about 5cm long. The green stem is cut short to only a small segment. 

It is necessary to wash your bottles and jars. Pour water so that the white tubers are submerged, then stop. You place them in a sunny location and change the water regularly. After about 7 days, the plants begin to develop green sprouts. Finally, you can harvest your onions after 7 days of planting. 

Fertilize Green Onion on time

You should fertilize before planting: Mixing manure, and microbial organic fertilizer. Sprinkle manure evenly on the bed surface, and cover with soil on top until all manure is covered. If the soil is acidic, you can add lime and kitchen ash to reduce the acidity. 

Top dressing by dissolving phosphate, potash, and NPK fertilizers with water in the buckets. You water once a week, about 4-5 times a crop. Fertilizer should not be irrigated during the last 10 days of harvest. 

How to identify, prevent and control Green Onion pests and diseases?

Leaf blight (dry leaf spot disease)

Onion leaf spot (Stemphylium botryosum W.)
Onion leaf spot is one of the popular diseases.

When you grow Green Onions, you have to face leaf blight disease. This disease causes a lot of damage to onion plants during the growth of onion plants. However, it is obvious from tubers to harvest. The disease affects only the leaves, forming round, dark brown spots, then spreading along the length of the leaves. 

If there is a long drizzle or a lot of fog, and high humidity, the disease will develop very strongly, then on the leaf surface will appear black brown fungus. 

Control measure:

You clean the field and make the soil thoroughly. The bed is raked high, for good drainage. You can fertilize appropriately between nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Note: do not apply too much nitrogen. Also, water is just enough, not too much. 

Green worm

The shape of this worm is very similar to the green worm but it is slightly smaller. A green worm with 2 yellow-brow stripes on both sides of the body. It lays in clusters on leaves and grows and develops very strongly. In addition, they are also very resistant to drugs. 

Pest control measures:

Regularly take care of young onion fields, and pay attention to the unusual phenomenon of onion leaves. Catch worms by hand because chemical drugs are difficult to cure and are not safe to use. The density of trees with trees is suitable, not too thick. 

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How to harvest Green Onions?

You can harvest Green Onions about 1 and a half to 2 months after growing. A simple way to grow, and has a super huge yield. So why don’t each of us grow this national spice to make family meals more delicious and warm? 

What are the benefits of Green Onions?

Green onions are often added by housewives to a bowl of pho, a bowl of bone soup, braised meat, etc. to enhance the flavor of the dish and make it more beautiful. 

What are the benefits of Green Onions?
Green Onions contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, and Allicin.

Strengthen the immune system

They contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, and Allicin, which help protect the body from infection and kill bacteria. 

Also, they help to prevent colds, flatulence, stuffy nose and farts due to their antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

Effective cancer prevention

Green onions contain allyl sulfide compounds and flavonoids. These substances help prevent the existence and progression of malignant tumors that cause cancer. 

Improve vision

Vitamin A and carotenoids are found in green onions. That helps the eye stay healthy, not blurred, or tired. 

Boost your beauty

Green onions are also considered a natural beauty method to help women become more beautiful. It has the ability to treat acne and smooth the skin. You will feel the obvious change.

Some ways to cook Onions 

Grilled onions: Apply a layer of olive oil on the onion surface, and add a little salt and pepper. Then you put them in the oven for a few minutes and you have a delicious dish.

Green onion kimchi: You wash green onions and add chili powder, soup powder, and main noodles. Then, you put the onions in a small box. Soak onions for about 3-4 hours 

Green onion kimchi
It is one of the favorite dishes of young people.

Pureed green onions: you mix together meat, bean sprouts, shrimp, eggs, and mushrooms. After that, you can bake them with rice paper shells and fry them. The food looks very eye-catching and the taste is amazing.

Final Thoughts about how to grow Spring Onions

Garden How provided you with all of the useful information about how to grow Green Onions effectively. Actually, they are a nutrient-dense food, meaning that they are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while being low in calories. Hopefully, this post can help you plant and take care of Onion better. Visit to learn more about flowers and vegetables. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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