How to grow Celery from stalk? Detailed Steps for Abundant Harvest

Want to regrow Celery from leftover ends? So, how to grow Celery from the stalk? Regrowing Celery is a fun and productive way to use the stem ends of your Celery. Follow this step-by-step process from Garden how for your best chance of success. Let’s read together!

The characteristics of Celery

Celery has the English name Celery, and the scientific name is Apium graveolens L. This vegetable is native to the Atlantic coast, and the Mediterranean sea. Currently, people grow them in many places around the world for the purpose of making vegetables, spices, and essential oils. 

In fact, Celery is an upright herbaceous plant, with a height that is relatively superior to other vegetables, some up to 1.5m tall. The trunk has many longitudinal grooves, divided into many vertical branches. 

Leaves at the base are petiolate, oblong or 3-sided, bird’s-eye shape, and obtuse buckled. The middle and apical leaves are sessile, 3rd, or not lobed. So, you have explored the characteristics of Celery to grow Celery from stalk better.

What is Celery good for?

Celery is a food that is very popular with women lately because in addition to its crispy taste and strong scent that causes memories when processed. Besides, it is rich in nutrients.

Like most other vegetables, it contains a lot of water with an outstanding rate of up to 90.5%. In addition, the chemical composition of the plant has the presence of substances that are extremely necessary for the body such as nitrogen, fat, vitamins A, B, C…

Celery is a food
Celery contains a lot of water with an outstanding rate of up to 90.5%.

Celery cures high blood pressure

Because the main components of vegetables include calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein, essential oils, and many other vitamins. These substances have the ability to promote blood circulation, and increase immunity. It can reduce the level of stimulation in the blood, and effectively prevent increased blood pressure in the coronary arteries. 

Therefore, for people with high blood pressure, the addition of Celery to the daily menu is an ideal way to reduce blood pressure, and not let them rise suddenly out of control.

Support weight loss

The largest content in Celery is water and fiber, these substances have the ability to increase lipid metabolism, rich in electrolytes. In addition, potassium, vitamins B and C contained in this vegetable also bring a feeling of fullness for a long time, limiting appetite. 

Important antioxidants from Celery 

You may not know that Celery is one of the few foods with extremely effective antioxidant functions. Because Celery contains vitamin C, beta carotene, flavonoids, and at least 12 types of additional antioxidant nutrients found in the stem.

Therefore, by just using one branch of Celery every day, you can maintain firm, smooth skin, and limit aging extremely effectively. 

How to grow Celery from the stalk?

Prepare Celery stalk

To start the job of growing Celery fastly, the first thing you need to do is prepare the root of the need. After buying, you need to cut all the leaves to prepare the dish, leaving only the base 4-5cm.

You should choose a green plant, a big sheath, fresh, and the root is not waterlogged. Only then will the new root have a high chance of germination.

Prepare Celery stalk
You should choose a green plant to get a stalk.

After cutting the root, you take the root to be washed carefully and gently wash it under running water. Do not rub vigorously to damage the root. You wash no organic matter, or soil, and cut off old, dry roots. 

Next, to stimulate the root to take root quickly, it is better to add a rooting stimulant solution to soak within 2-3 hours such as N3M, Roots 2, and Bimx Super Root,…

Prepare planting tools to plant from stalk

The tools used to grow Celery stalks are very simple, as long as the objects do not have a drainage hole, you can grow them. It can be items available in your home such as cups, glasses, plastic bottles, etc.

Make a hydroponic nutrient solution

Next, in order for plants to grow well in water, it is necessary to add a nutrient solution for hydroponic plants. Water for mixing solution is clean (pH about 6.0 – 6.8). Then, you wash the planting tools and proceed to prepare the hydroponic solution.

Grow Celery stalk

After adding the hydroponic solution to the water, stir well until the solution is completely dissolved in the water, and then put them into the prepared tool.

Finally, you add the prepared Celery stalk, and you are done. However, you must pay attention not to let the Celery fully flood. You should pour 2-3cm for the stump to be ventilated.

Grow Celery stalk
Regrowing Celery is a fun and productive way to use the stem ends of your Celery.

Take care of Celery after you grow from a stalk


Celery originates from temperature climates, the appropriate temperature is from 17 to 22oC. So when planting you should place them in a cool place, avoiding the harsh sunlight of the sun.

If growing outdoors, you can use awnings or sunshades for plants. However, it still has to provide a little light for the plant to easily photosynthesize, avoiding the yellowing of the leaves. 

Water and nutrition regime

Water demand is high, so paying attention to the water level is not drying is the most essential.

In the dry season, the weather is hot, so the plants transpire quickly. You need to change the water and add the hydroponic nutrient solution regularly with the level of 4-5 days/time. However, when the rainy season comes, the rate of transpiration is slow, so after 7-10 days, change the water for the plants once. 

Pests and diseases

In a low-light, humid environment, your plant will be susceptible to leaf roots. Then use scissors to cut the rotten leaves, you cut the whole leaf too close to the stem if it rots at the petiole, and use a hose to wash it. You wash and change the water, then put the plant in a cool place with morning sunlight. 

At the same time, in the process of growing plants in a hydroponic environment, if you see that the roots are black, have a rotten smell, and the leaves are yellow continuously, you have to add OLC. It helps the root system to breathe better. 

How to harvest Celery that grows from stalk?

If you abstain from following the above steps, only 1 month after planting, you can harvest them. You can cut each leaf gradually or the whole plane can be. And remember that after the harvest is complete, you should remember to provide nutrients for the tree to harvest in the following days.

Some delicious special dishes from Celery:

  • Stir-fried squid with Celery
  • Celery salad
  • Celery smoothie

Final Thoughts

Celery contains vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids, but there are at least 12 additional kinds of antioxidant nutrients found in a single stalk. Garden How provided you with detailed steps to grow Celery from the stalk. Hopefully, the information shared by Garden How will help you successfully grow delicious green Celery. For more insightful details about other flowers and vegetables, let’s visit our Garden How. Thank you and see you in the next posts. 

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