How to grow Cauliflower in your home garden? – Follow these steps for abundant crops


Cauliflower comes in a huge variety of hues and hundreds of kinds. The most popular variety is white Cauliflower. So, how to grow Cauliflower at home? will provide you with detailed instructions on how to grow Cauliflower in today’s article to ensure a high yield.

Requirements for growing Cauliflower

  • In fact, Cauliflower requires a lot of things, so you need to learn about What is Cauliflower? How does Cauliflower grow? before growing them.
  • There are many different color variations of Cauliflower, with white Cauliflower being the most common. The following are some of the top choices for this kind of gardening: snowball, white corona, snow spring, and early white
  • The soil must not be too dry or soggy, and there must be plenty of light and air where this plant will grow.
  • For broccoli to grow, you should plant it in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil that is loose, light, or sandy.
  • For nursery land, it is essential to thoroughly prepare the soil, create beds that are 20 cm high, 0.8–1 m broad, and cut rows that are 1-2 cm deep and rows that are 10 cm apart. Make the soil carefully, leaving a trench between the two beds that are about 30 cm deep and 20 cm high.
  • Fields, trays, Styrofoam containers, or hydroponic systems are all options for growing. To ensure the greatest growth of broccoli when growing Cauliflower in a bucket or styrofoam container, you must select a pot with a depth and width. If the Styrofoam box is large, you should only plant 2-3 trees; if the Styrofoam box is tiny, you should only plant 1 tree.

How to grow Cauliflower?

  • Before planting, soak the seeds for about 15 minutes in a solution of 1 warm to 2 cold water to boost the germination rate. 
  • Start seeding 0.3 to 0.5 cm deep beneath the surface of the damp soil once the top layer has softened.
  • When planting outside the nursery, sow evenly, keeping the seedlings between 0.2 and 0.3 grams per square meter. For the first 5-7 days following seeding, keep the soil continually moist by watering twice daily. In addition, you should cover the top of the seedlings with a thin layer of soil that has been powdered, providing protection from the sun and rain for the nursery.
  • We plant Cauliflower about 25 days after planting in the nursery.
  • Planting in holes with a 50x50cm planting density (1000–1100 plants per pole). After planting, cut your hands, compact the earth, and water the plants.
  • Within the first 5-7 days after planting, water twice daily in the early morning and late afternoon. Then, progressively cut back on the number of times you water, maintaining a 65-70 percent moisture level in the soil (2 watering 1 time)

Note: To prevent hurting the flowers, be careful not to water the tips of the plant when the leaves are folded. Instead, water the base of the plant. First, weeding occurs after 15 days of planting (weeding for the second time in the next 15 days).

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How to grow Cauliflower?

How to take care of Cauliflower?

The first time with manure mixed with 20% once the plants have taken root. Once a week, it comes to an end.

The fertilizer, 3 kg of urea per pole, was applied three times:

  • The first, 15 days after planting
  • The second, 10–12 days later
  • The third, was 45–50 days later when the plants began to bloom. Unlike Cauliflower, which must be covered for blossoms, flowering Cauliflower doesn’t

Twice, tilting is performed; the first time is 20–25 days after planting, and the second is about 20 days later.

To have the best control methods, it is necessary to routinely check on the tree and monitor its growth as well as any pests that could endanger it.

How to harvest Cauliflower?

After learning about How to plant successfully Cauliflower, you need to know more about harvesting them. The production and quality of flowers are great when they are picked at the ideal time.

The yield will reduce if picked too soon, but if left too late, it will increase. The wilt phenomena in Cauliflower will cause the flowers to appear yellow, and its commercial worth will significantly decline.

In general, a moderate harvest takes 75 to 80 days following planting. In contrast, if it is not as cold outside, it is best to harvest the flowers a few days earlier when they are still dazzling white and black on the surface.

Use a sharp knife to cut close to the root of the plant before harvesting, remove the bottom 4-5 leaves, and group the flowers for easier transporting. A pole of Cauliflower produces 5-7 quintals.

How to harvest Cauliflower

Final Thoughts about how to grow Cauliflower at home

You can find the information you need on how to grow Cauliflower at home, and how to care for them in the article above. These should be useful to you if you want to grow Cauliflower in your garden. For more insightful details about other flowers and vegetables, visit

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