How to grow Carrots from Carrot tops? Secret tips to maximize crop yield

How to grow Carrots from Carrot tops is an attractive question that many people are curious about. Because only with the discarded part from Carrots can grow a new healthy plant. This article from Garden How will show you all the information about this question. 

What to prepare to grow Carrots from Carrot tops?

In order to grow Carrots from tops more quickly and effectively, first you need to prepare planting tools, varieties, seasons, etc. to ensure the healthy growth of the plants. 

Carrot variety

What to prepare to grow Carrots from Carrot tops?
Let’s choose fresh, whole-stem tops.

With the technique of growing Carrots from tops, you need to choose fresh, whole-stem tops. Also, you will use the tip of the top to grow a new plant.

Planting tools

You can easily use the items available at your home to grow Carrots with tops such as containers, styrofoam boxes, plastic pots, bonsai pots, etc.

These items need to be 30cm or deeper and as wide as possible for Carrots to grow easily.

In addition, the pot needs to have drainage holes so that the Carrots do not get waterlogged when watering or when there is a storm.

Land for growing Carrots tops

To ensure the most effective way to grow Carrots from tops, you should choose loose and well-drained soil.

Also, you can choose soil that contains a lot of sand and especially does not contain rocks so that the Carrots grow vertically. The suitable soil pH is from 6 to 6.8.

You can prepare the soil yourself or buy available soil at reputable and quality stores to ensure that it is rich in nutrients for plants. 


The time of planting Carrots from seeds is a relatively important factor affecting the yield and quality when growing Carrot from seeds. Also, the time to start planting Carrots is from July to February next year. 

  • Early crop: Start sowing from July to August, and harvest from October to November.
  • Main season: Sow from September to October, harvest from December to January next year. 
  • Late crop: Grow from January to February, harvest from April to May.

How to grow Carrots from Carrot tops?

How to grow Carrots from Carrot tops?
The technique of growing Carrots from the top is the simplest way.

The technique of growing Carrots from the top is the simplest and most convenient way. Moreover, when you grow Carrots on top, the planting period will be shortened.

Step 1: You proceed to soak the prepared Carrot head in a tray of water. 

Step 2: Please note, place the soaking tray in a location with a lot of sunlight and you need to change the water every day.

Step 3: After a period of 1 week, the tip of the top has begun to form roots. At this point, you bring the Carrots to plant in the pot.

Step 4: You need to water only once a day in the early morning. 

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Caring for Carrots growing from Carrot tops

Caring for Carrots at all stages is extremely necessary. This process will help your plants be healthy and grow quickly. Especially, the quality of the top obtained will be much higher than when no care. 

Therefore, you need to regularly maintain watering and fertilizing so that the plant has enough moisture. Do not overwater as it will cause waterlogging.

When applying the method of growing Carrots with the top at home, place the pot of Carrots in a location with direct sunlight. However, you need to avoid harsh sunlight. 

The most suitable temperature for Carrots to grow ideally ranges from 16 to 27 degrees Celsius. Whether the obtained Carrots are stout, long, and sweet or not depends greatly on temperature factors. 

In case you grow Carrots in pots, you can adjust the light and temperature dynamically.

You should start fertilizing when growing Carrots from tops for 15 days. At this time, you use composted organic fertilizers in combination with NPK to fertilize plants.

Pull out all the weeds that grow around the Carrot plant to prevent the weeds from taking away the Carrot’s nutrients.

Pest control for Carrots grown from Carrot tops

Rotten disease

This disease usually develops when you grow Carrots from Carrot tops on loamy soil or when you grow Carrots in water. This condition is little drainage or soil that has grown Carrots for many seasons without proper soil treatment. 

Your Carrot plant is soft, contains viscous water, and smells of sulfur.

Disease prevention and treatment: Conduct a thorough soil treatment before planting Carrots with tops to make the soil clean, porous, and aerated.

Then use Novinano, Stepguar, Trichoderma spp + K-Humate + Chitosan + Fulvate + Vitamin B1 to prevent as well as destroy bacteria. 

Black rot disease

The main cause of this disease when growing Carrots from tubers are the fungus Alternaria radicirima and the fungus Pronarostrupii sp. The disease causes dry rot at the leaf stem and also on Carrots.

You can prevent this disease with drugs such as Anmisdotop, Novastar, Agony, Plant 50WP ( from 20 to 30g / 10 liters of water ), Kocide 53.8DF ( 20g / 10 liters of water ), Derosal 50SC ( from 15 to 10 liters of water ). 20ml / 10 liters of water ). Cuproxate 345SC ( 20 to 25ml / 10 liters of water )

Ring spot disease

During the process of growing Carrots from tubers, if you notice older leaves forming black ring spots that then turn brown. The disease forms in humid and rainy climates. How to prevent ring spot disease. Please clean the soil before planting Carrots with seeds, and soak the seeds in warm water for 30 minutes. Use drugs to spray such as Andora, Andibat, Antramix, Melody, Novinano, Novastar, and Anmisdotop to treat the disease.

Leaf blight disease

This disease can easily detect by the leaves suddenly like burned. You can use Bordeaux medicine ( 50gr CuSO4 with 50gr lime paste ) or Derosal 20cc / 10 liter, Adavin, Andovin 350SC, Andoral, or Carbendazim to treat the disease. 

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How to harvest Carrots growing from Carrot tops?

The stage that you look forward
After a period of 2.5 to 3 months, you can start harvesting.

This is the stage that you look forward to the most during the implementation of the technique of growing Carrots from tubers, right? However, based on the time since planting, the development characteristics of the tree, proceed to harvest at the right time.

After a period of 2.5 to 3 months, you can start harvesting the beloved Carrots that you have created yourself. You should harvest them in order from large to small. The time to harvest Carrots also partly depends on the variety, care process as well as the effects of weather when planting. You use the handle of the stem and then pull it out definitively to avoid breaking the Carrot top. 

Final Thoughts

Through this article, we hope that you can grow Carrots from Carrot tops as well as how to grow Carrots in water with your own hands and bring the highest yield and quality. Visit to learn more about Carrots. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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