How big do Butterfly Bushes get?

Butterfly Bush "Pink Delight"

Buddleia is a flowering shrub that attracts butterflies with its lovely bunches of blooms. This flower is ideal for your garden, forming lovely panicles in a variety of hues ranging from white to red to pink and purple. How big do Butterfly Bushes get? This article from will provide related information and answer this question. 

Factors affecting Butterfly Bush growth rate

Depending on the variety, Butterfly Bushes can reach different sizes. As they get older, the rate at which their leaves and height grow slows. Plants that are immature or juvenile grow at a faster rate than mature plants. Let’s have a close look at the aspects that impact Butterfly Bush growth rate before finding out the answer to the question “ How big do Butterfly Bush get?”

Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush

Growth Rate

Butterfly bushes grow quickly, reaching maturity in one to two growing seasons. 


Keep track of the time you’ll be planting your Butterfly Bush. Each season has a different impact on your plants. Plants respond to some in a good way, while others respond in a negative way. 

During particular seasons, such as spring and summer, the Butterfly Bush grows quickly. They may be dormant and trying to survive in certain situations! For example, in the spring or fall, Butterfly Bushes are provided the proper conditions for growing, such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc. If you’re planting in the fall, make sure they’re in the ground before the first frost to give them time to grow a strong root system before the winter weather arrives. 

However, if you plant them at the wrong time, they can encounter some problems, and don’t expect rapid growth. If you transplant or plant this season, your plants may be put in an unsuitable area. 

Moreover, if you plant Butterfly Bushes in the incorrect season, they will die. They will, on the other hand, take a long time to mature and reach their maximum size. Butterfly bushes may never blossom if you don’t plan ahead while planting them. 

Therefore, choosing the proper time to plant Butterfly Bush is one of the significant parts of “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?”  


The next factor we should show you when mentioning “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?” is age. According to the different ages, Butterfly Bushes can reach a variety of sizes. An older Butterfly Bush plant will take longer to grow than a healthy, younger Butterfly Bush plant. 

Butterfly Bush varieties

Butterfly Bush varieties
Butterfly Bush varieties

When planting and choosing varieties, the question “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?” becomes more common for beginners. Therefore, this part will give you some examples of the types of this flower to answer the question, “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?”

The “larger” size, which grows 3 to 5 feet wide and 5 to 10 feet tall, and the “dwarf” size, which develops 2 to 4 feet wide and 2 to 4 feet in height, are the two kinds of Butterfly Bushes. Both groups come in a variety of colors and bloom forms. 

Large Cultivars (greater than 6 feet tall)

‘Black Night’

The most popular cultivar is ‘Black Night,’ which has dark purple blooms. Flowers from the darkest Butterfly Bush available. The shrub reaches a height of about 8 feet and a width of nearly 6 feet.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Black Knight Butterfly Bush

When fully grown, Dartmoor Butterfly Bush will reach a height of around 10 feet and a width of 10 feet. It is good for planting beneath power lines since it is a bit lanky, with an average clearance of 1 foot from the ground. It has a high growth rate and may survive for around 20 years under perfect conditions.


At maturity, Guinevere Butterfly Bush will reach a height of around 10 feet and a spread of 10 feet. It is good for planting under power lines since it is a bit leggy, with an average clearance of 1 foot from the ground.


Attraction Butterfly Bush will reach a height of 8 feet tall and a width of 8 feet when fully grown. It is good for planting under power lines since it is a bit lanky, with an average clearance of 1 foot from the ground.

Butterfly Bush "Attraction"
Butterfly Bush “Attraction”

‘Lochinch’ is a Butterfly Bush cultivar with an arching, mounded habit that grows 3-5′ tall in one season (B. davidii x B. fallowiana hybrid). Spectacular spike-like terminal clusters of incredibly fragrant lilac-blue blooms with orange eyes (8-12″ long). 

‘Pink Delight’

A Butterfly Bush cultivar named ‘Pink Delight’ with rich pink blossoms. It’s a deciduous shrub with an arching, spreading habit that can reach a height of 10-15 feet if not cut back in late winter, or 5-7 feet if cut back.

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

‘Royal Red’

At maturity, the Royal Red Butterfly Bush will be around 6 feet tall with a spread of 5 feet.

Compact Cultivars (less than 6 feet tall)

Royal Red

‘Ellen’s Blue’ 

‘Ellen’s Blue’ is a dwarf variety with blue-violet blooms that grows to 4 feet tall.

‘Nanho Blue’

‘Nanho Blue’, a Butterfly Bush cultivar with mauve-blue blooms, is a popular choice. It’s a deciduous shrub with an arching, spreading habit that can reach 5-10 feet tall if not trimmed back in late winter, or 3-5 feet tall if cut back.

‘White Ball’

‘White Ball’ is the smallest Butterfly Bush, reaching just approximately 3 feet in height. Throughout the summer, the shrub is covered in white blossoms.

Butterfly Bush "White Ball"
Butterfly Bush “White Ball”
‘Summer Beauty’

Summer Beauty is a compact mid-size grower that will attain a height of 2 meters and a width of 2 meters. If the roots of Summer Beauty are well-drained, it is a very hardy plant. Buddlejas may often be seen growing in hedgerows or along highways and railway lines, demonstrating their hardiness. 

How big do Butterfly Bushes get?

Mature Height/Spread

This deciduous to semi-evergreen shrub has an open, arching appearance and grows 6 to 10 feet tall by 4 to 10 feet wide. Young shoots are coated with thick, white hairs, and their stems are square in cross-section. Leaves are opposite and range in color from deep green to gray-green to silvery-gray, measuring 3 to 5 inches long by 1 to 3 inches broad. Some cultivars have thickly hairy undersides to their leaves. Cultivar differences in size, shape, and leaf color should be taken into account when purchasing plants. 

Factors which affect “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?” 

Find the right location

One of the most important things that can influence “How big do Butterfly Bushes get?” is the location. Buddleias may be seen sprouting from bricks and quickly spreading into fallow areas, and they are considered invasive plants. To get the most out of them as garden plants, consider a sunny location to encourage nectar-rich blossoms that will attract butterflies. Furthermore, because the height of the buds varies from 1 to 9 feet, it is important to select the appropriate cultivar for the location. 

Allow enough space to grow

Butterfly bushes are fast-growing plants that reach maturity in two years or less. Make sure the shrub’s planting location has enough space for it to grow to its maximum height and width. Plant stress and disease are increased by crowded spacing and the conditions that come with it, such as inadequate air circulation and excessive humidity, to mention a few. The planting site should have a height clearance of about 10 feet and enough horizontal space for the Butterfly Bush to attain a mature width of around 8 feet for the best results. 


When planting and caring for Butterfly Bushes, keep in mind the soil conditions . This plant may thrive in any normal, well-drained soil with a moderate moisture content. Their roots decay easily, and if they spend too much time in wet soil, they may become confined or even die.

You may also undertake a soil test to check the pH level of the soil before planting the Butterfly Bush.

The pH of these bushes should be between 6.0 and 7.0, which is somewhat acidic and preferable to most plants. Based on the results of a soil test, you can amend the soil with lime to increase the pH or sulfur to reduce it. Most plants can’t grow in acidic soil, which has a pH of 4.0 or lower.

Soil for Butterfly bush


When you first plant a Butterfly Bush, water it at least once a week, and be sure to water it gently and deeply. This will assist the plant in developing deep roots. Wait another day if the plant appears moist the next time you plan to water it. The roots of Butterfly Bush detest resting in moist soil, especially on chilly evenings. The plants can endure brief periods of dryness after they have matured.

For the greatest results, water a Butterfly Bush first thing in the morning, whether it’s summer or winter. This keeps the plant roots cool and moist throughout the warmest part of the day while also enabling the soil to drain in preparation for a cold evening. 

Fertilize properly

When it comes to caring for Butterfly Bush, fertilizer is considered essential. Native garden soil is the best soil for Butterfly Bushes. The shrub doesn’t care about the pH of the soil, although it does prefer a slightly acidic climate. It is preferable not to change the soil’s nutrients or pH in order to try to balance them. Adding a layer of compost at the time of planting or each spring will progressively improve nutrients rather than cause even more rapid growth. Using a slow-release fertilizer on container-grown Butterfly Bushes in the second and subsequent years of development can help keep the plant blooming while not growing too rapidly.

Fertilize properly


They are prolific growers and are classified as invasive weeds in some areas. Deadheading and pruning are required because of their invasiveness, especially during the growing season. This task can encourage Butterfly Bushes to grow quickly and bloom successfully.

Q & A

What is the largest Butterfly Bush?

Buddleia asiatica (Winter Flowering Lilac) is the tallest Buddleia species. It can easily reach a height of 15 feet or even more. 

The white blooms are smaller and less attractive than Buddleia davidii blossoms, but their smell is well worth it. The freesia-like fragrance lasts for at least a month after blooming in late winter. It has the ability to be dispersed by the wind, so you can smell it even if you’re just 20 feet away. Although it prefers zone 9, it will survive the winter in zone 8. 

Can you control the size of a Butterfly Bush?

Although Butterfly Bushes can need a lot of pruning to keep their growth up, you can cut down on the time you spend pruning by planting them in a position where they can grow to their full size and shape. Butterfly Bushes may reach a height of 6 to 12 feet (2-4 m.) 

Final Thoughts

This article from provided detailed information related to “How big do Butterfly Bushes get”. Hopefully, through it, you can have a close look at the size and growth process of this plant. If you are a beginner or experienced gardener, you can also add Butterfly Bush to your garden and get the best result. 

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