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Iris are popular perennial flowers in the late spring garden because of their gorgeous, rainbow-colored blossoms. Many of us have seen the tall, handsome stands of bearded Iris, as well as the elegant charm of Japanese, Siberian, or Dutch varieties. With their beautiful, frequently fragrant blue and purple blooms, these low-growing Irises decorate the landscape in the early seasons.

Common name: Iris
Botanical name: Iris
Plant type: Perennial
Hardiness zones: 3 - 9 (USDA) (depending on variety)
Mature size: 6 in. to 4 ft. tall
Bloom time: Late spring, Early summer, and Late summer
Native areas: Europe, Asia, North America
Toxicity: Toxic to humans, toxic to pets

Types of Iris
Arilbred Iris (Iris 'Stolon Ginger')

Arilbred Iris (Iris 'Stolon Ginger')

Spurias Iris

Spurias Iris

Japanese Irises

Japanese Iris

"Tipped in Blue" - Siberian Iris

"Tipped in Blue" - Siberian Iris

Louisiana iris

Louisiana Iris

the californian iris

The Californian Iris - Pacific Coast Iris

Iris Best Bet

Iris Best Bet

Types of Rhizome Irises - Intermediate Bearded

Intermediate Bearded Iris

Rare types of Irises - Loreley Iris

Loreley Iris

Types of Rhizome Irises - Tall Bearded

Tall Bearded Iris 

Type of Bulbous Irises - Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris

Types of Rhizome Irises - Crested Iris

Crested Iris