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NumberImageName Flowerinformation
1AngeloniaAngelonia is a great summer annual that may light up mixed containers as a thriller element or take over a landscape with its vibrant colors and free-flowering habit. Do you know how to plant them? Let’s build up a dream garden (More)
2AsterThe Asters are an excellent transition plant, connecting the summer and fall seasons. Planting Asters in the garden, when in full bloom, the blooms are small yet plentiful, giving the plants the appearance of being “all color.” (More)
3AzaleaAzalea bushes are known for their vivid, long-lasting flowers. Azalea plant care makes a stunning statement in the spring landscape, with a variety of colors such as white, pinkish, purple, red, and others, as well as a distinct, pleasant, mild scent. Do you want to learn how to plant, care for and propagate Azaleas in your garden?(More)
4BegoniaBegonias are ideally suited to planting in containers or hanging baskets, making an attractive addition to summer garden beds. With abundant tiny blooms in a rainbow of hues, ranging from gentle white to flaming red, they definitely bring you the feeling of being in a fairy garden. Do you want to build a garden bed with Begonia? (More)
5Black-eyed SusanPlanting Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) in your garden in the spring or summer is an ideal choice for a dream garden bed. Who could not love the simple yet vibrant look of Black-eyed Susan? If you don’t know how to plant and care for this flower, Garden How will help you more
6Butterfly BushThe flowers of Butterfly Bushes have a sweet honey fragrance that is brightest at midday. The pleasant aroma attracts a wide range of butterflies, insects, birds, and gardeners. Do you want to add Buddleia to your garden? (More)
7CaladiumCaladiums are excellent foliage plants for adding color to shady areas. Plant them under palms for a splash of ground-level color, or incorporate them into bedding and patio displays for a full-blown jungle vibe. It is no longer difficult to plant Caladiums after reading our blogs... (More)
8CalendulaCalendula have a lanceolate shape and grow alternately along the stem, with slightly wavy or toothed margins. Throughout late spring, summer, and fall, single and double-floret daisy-like flowers ranging from mild to brilliant yellow, orange, and pastel pink are borne on branching stems. Come to our blog for useful information about Calendula...(More)
9CalibrachoaCalibrachoa plants come in a variety of colors, and there are diverse kinds such as deep blue, light pink, white, yellow, and sky blue,… that create a vivid picture of flowers. Planting Calibrachoa to create a vivid atmosphere in your garden... (More)
10CatmintCatmint is an ideal choice for creating a highlight in your garden - with tubular flowers in a variety of violet, blue, purple, white, or pink colors. Create a bed full of multi-colored Catmint flowers...(More)
11ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemums, sometimes known as “mums,” are a type of quintessential fall flower. Currently, Chrysanthemum (mums) are one of the most popular flowers in the world, second only to the rose, and are a terrific way to add color to any garden. Would you like to grow this type of flower...(More)
12ClematisClematis is by far the most popular climbing plant, and anybody who has grown one knows how stunning its display is when in full bloom. They are like something out of a fairy tale, with their tendrils and magnificent blooms. Discover this type of flower...(More)
13HydrangeaPopular shrubs called Hydrangeas have vibrant flowers that bloom from the summer into the fall. Planting a garden of Hydrangeas is one of the best choices to create a vivid and gorgeous space. Discover all the information about Hydrangeas... (More)
14IrisIris are popular perennial flowers in the late spring garden because of their gorgeous, rainbow-colored blossoms. Many of us have seen the tall, handsome stands of bearded Iris, as well as the elegant charm of Japanese, Siberian, or Dutch varieties. Let’s discover... (More)
15LilacThe combination of Lilac flowers in your garden will create a magnificent space, like in a fairy tale. The Lilac flower is also known for its medicinal use, which makes it more and more popular. Would you like to grow this type of flower... (More)
16PeonyThe ephemeral Peony is a perennial plant with lovely flowers that provide any type of garden for many years, a lovely classic beauty ,and an excellent perfume. This flower comes in a variety of hues, such as white, pink, yellow, and red. The Peony is generally associated with good fortune, money, success, good luck, a rebirth of relationships, love, and marital happiness. (More)
17SunflowerSunflowers are stunning flowers that always bloom toward the sun and have many positive connotations. There is no more satisfying than sitting on the chairs in the garden and enjoying the charming beauty of Sunflowers in the sunlight. So why don’t you raise a garden bed with Sunflowers? Let’s discover...(More)
18TulipTulips are a gorgeous kind of flower that many people adore. Let’s turn your garden into a fairy garden with the most quintessential stunning Tulip flowers under the sunshine of the spring season. Billions of tulips are cultivated all around the world, do you have one for your garden? (More)
19ZinniaZinnias are a close relative of daisies and are members of the Asteraceae family. Planting Zinnias to get stunning flowers and fill gaps in your yard or balcony. Discover all the information about Hydrangeas... (More)