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Welcome to Garden How!This is not only a simple gardening blog with how-to gardening tips but also an online community that brings those who love gardens, and senses of connectedness with nature together!Garden How is inspired by the picturesque scenery of life in the countryside, where people stay close to nature, enjoy fresh air, go for a walk on streets under the shadow of the trees, and take care of their small lovely garden. Therefore, we always want to make your home bring back the living space close to nature, and turn your home into a green heaven. Actually, one of the decorative styles that bring the relaxed feeling that most homeowners are decorating is close-to-nature home design. This is also the reason why you should learn gardening knowledge to make your life more peaceful and greener.Is it hard to learn about gardening? How to learn about it? Where can I get ideal plant and flower decor ideas for my home? Luckily, we’re here to help. Garden How provides significant gardening knowledge (plants, flowers, trees, lawn), real-life planting methods, gardening trends, home design insights, beautiful flower collections, and informative articles to help you light up your garden, and turn your home into a green heaven. We hope you can acquire interesting knowledge, learn a few new tricks or pick up some tips for gardening. It is our pleasure if you come to our blog and find out your garden ideas and exactly what you need to know.Whether you are new to gardening or have a long-standing love of plants, come with us, our blog is ideal for gardening enthusiasts of all levels of experience, from horticultural masters to homeowners trying to brighten their homes with plants. Garden How will be a great companion who is always by your side on your journey of learning gardening, from planning decor ideas, growing plants, taking care of flowers, harvesting your crops, and enjoying your results. Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and find peace in mind? Let’s create your garden to immerse yourself in nature, come and enjoy the beauty of your plants and flowers without going far away.We always welcome feedback and recommendations from our readers to provide better information for all gardeners. And, if you love gardening as we do, let’s take a look at articles on our blog.

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Hello everyone! We are Content Creators from Garden How. With a huge passion for gardening, we worked together to set up this website, which is a virtual encyclopedia of Gardening information. Our mission is to explore and create a rich idea bank of crafty garden projects for gardeners. We hope that detailed information from us can help you find all of the information and inspiration you need to achieve the garden of your dreams.