5-step guide on how to grow Tulips in water

grow tulips in water

Growing Tulips in water have become a hobby for many people in the cities. Because growing conditions in soil and pots are not available. gardenhow.net will let you know how to grow tulips in water through the article below.

How to grow Tulips in water easily?

In recent years, the demand for Tulips has increased due to the beautiful shape and color of the flowers.  And many people have planted and cared for them with their own hands from the time they are just bulbs until the plants give flowers. Growing tulips in water with bulbs is not difficult, just with a little knowledge and experience, you have a pot of tulips as you want.

Tulips have ivory-white bulbs and many brown skins around them. So when using the whole tuber to put it in a glass pot, you should peel it, and dispose of damaged parts.

Tulips are grown in water
Tulips are grown in water

Selecting Tulips bulbs

The success of growing tulips in water depends greatly on the selection of bulbs. Unlike other flowers, tulips are grown from bulbs, not from seeds or roots. So you must carefully observe the instructions below to choose the best quality bulbs.

The way to choose a standard tulip variety is a sturdy tuber, without mold, bruises or cuts. In addition, it is advisable to choose a light brown tuber wrapped in thin skin. You should plan to plant them within 7 days of purchasing the seeds due to the fact that they cannot remain out of the ground for a long time.

Choose flower bulbs that are 12+ or 12/14. And if the varieties are imported from the Netherlands, they need to be stored in cold conditions. Before planting tulips in water, you should soak them for 10 to 15 minutes in a solution of Ridomil Gold at a concentration of 1 to 2 grams per liter of water.

Preparing a solution for soaking Tulip bulbs

Next, put the tubers in the prepared glass. Then you proceed to mix the solution from bottled spring water with B1 into water or hydroponic solution according to the concentration of 5 to 7 ml/1 liter of clean water, you change the water every 3 to 5 days.

However, you can grow tulips in water with clean water without having to add anything, you can change the water every 2 to 3 days.

The right amount of water for growing Tulips
The right amount of water for growing Tulips

Putting the tulip bulbs in the pot

Choose a glass vase that is the right size for the flower bulbs and let the flower sprouts rise up so that they can enjoy the sunlight.

You shoose a glass vase that is the right size for the flower bulbs
You shoose a glass vase that is the right size for the flower bulbs

So as to grow tulips in pots, you should add a layer of white pebbles, stones, or crystals to the bottom of the vase to help them look beautiful. Along with that is to spread a small layer of gravel on top to prevent the tree from tipping over, then proceed to pour water in until the roots are submerged. During this process, keep the plant alive at room temperature, after about 25 to 30 days of planting, the plant will begin to form flowers.

The above steps have also partly completed how to grow tulips in water, you should regularly monitor the growing conditions of the flowers. When it comes to winter weather, change it with warm water from 1 to 2 times, it will have the effect of helping the tulips bloom faster and shorten the development time.

If you do not want to harvest immediately, you can change the cold water daily. If it is still not cold enough, you can use ice to lower the temperature of the water.

Caring Tulips after finishing growing in water

Caring for flowers after finishing growing tulips in water is extremely important. This is a step that directly affects the flowering time and the quality of the flowers obtained. So regularly monitor the tree, water, and fertilize the plant with the right dose.

During the time of sowing and caring for tulips, if you see that the sprouts show signs of damage, it is difficult to grow, you need to remove them immediately so as not to affect other plants.

Besides, you need to keep the bulbs in the necessary moisture condition. Here are detailed ways to care for tulips, please refer to and apply them to your plants.

Taking care of sprouts of tulips

After completing the nursery, from 7 to 10 days later, you should water regularly with a spray bottle to provide the necessary moisture to help flowers develop and grow. After this period, you can reduce the amount of water and the intensity of irrigation but still must ensure moisture.

When the tulip tree has grown to a height of 10 to 12 cm, you begin to fertilize the plant with organic fertilizer. It is advisable to dilute the fertilizer for irrigation because doing it this way will make it easier for the plant to absorb nutrients. After 10 to 12 days, you start to apply fertilizer again. Dilute fertilizer at a concentration of 0.5% to irrigate plants.

For tulips, you should fertilize with trace fertilizers containing elements such as: Ca, Mg, Mn… Besides, to improve flower quality, it is necessary to spray a few foliar fertilizers such as Antonix, Komix..…

Taking care of sprouts of tulips for blooming success
Taking care of sprouts of tulips for blooming success

Growing conditions for Tulips

To increase the growth rate of tulips: Under the conditions of growing tulips in water in the period of winter. If you find that the flower buds are still smaller than 1cm before the harvesting process, you can change the warm water 1 to 2 times. This will help the Tulip shorten its development time and the flowers will bloom more quickly. This is also a small tip you should keep in mind for growing tulips indoors to apply to your own tulip growing model.

Measures to reduce the speed of flower development:  If you want to prolong the development process longer and do not want to harvest, you should change the water for the plant to cold water every day. If the temperature is still not cold enough, continue to lower the temperature by adding ice. The temperature of the water can be reduced from 12 to 15 degrees Celsius and keep the plant at a low temperature.

What are the uses of tulips?

What is your main purpose for growing tulips in water? Is it to admire their aristocratic and luxurious beauty?

However, in addition to their brilliant beauty, this flower also contains many uses that will surprise you. Let’s find out other benefits of tulips:

  • Sauna helps you reduce fatigue and stress.
  • When placing tulips in the bedroom, the scent of flowers will help you sleep better and more deeply.
  • Soothe nervous tension and relieve headaches very effectively.
  • They can also treat dark circles under the eyes and moisturize the skin of the face.

How long do tulips bloom when growing in water?

How long do tulips bloom when growing in water?
How long do tulips bloom when growing in water?

Many lovers of this flower often ask the question of how long tulips bloom. Depending on the way you grow tulips in water as well as care for the plant determines the longevity of the flowers.

If you take care of them carefully, from the time the plants begin to flower, after 25 days the flower life will be extended and can bloom beautifully in a period of 2 months.

Therefore, you need to pay a lot of attention to the tulip care process to prolong the bloom time.

How to keep tulips in water fresh for a long time 

Tulips symbolize wealth, fame, eternal life, and perfect love. Tulips also represent love, expressing passionate love. Like a flower with long-lasting freshness, beautiful color, and important feng shui meaning, it is a popular flower around the world. This beautiful flower hides a strong vitality, so keeping the tulips fresh longer helps you decorate the room more beautifully and luxuriously.

For tulips grown in water, the vase water should be changed regularly. When changing the water, we should put a few small ice cubes in the water, make the water cool, and the flowers will stay fresh for a long time. Do not place the vase directly in the sun, or right at the fan with strong winds, which will make the flowers fade or wilt. Placing the vase in a cool place is the best choice.

Tulips are flowers of the cold family, the durability usually lasts from 5-7 days if the vase is kept in a cold room. When plugging and dropping ice, change the water once a day. The ice slowly flows out to help the flowers stay fresh longer. Tulips are ‘light-oriented’ flowers, they will lean towards the light – so you should rotate the vase daily so that the flower stalks are upright.

How do you transfer tulips from water to soil?

Tulips grown in water are completely transferable to the soil. Using soil is going to be your best bet in order to regrow your tulip bulbs

transfering tulips from water to soil
Transfering tulips from water to soil

In this way, you can obviously figure out what you need to do to get your flowers to regrow time and time again. To begin, you should cut the dead flower from the stem after your tulips have finished blooming for the first time. Leftover foliage can be left to die naturally while keeping the stem in a vase with water. Finally, the foliage will dry out and you will find new bulbs forming.

You can cut the foliage but leave the roots alone. Do your best to keep the bulbs in a cool, dry place until the first week of November. When the time is right, you will be able to plant tulip bulbs in your garden.

It should be noted that the first week of November is a suitable time to plant tulip bulbs. Depending on the region you live in, you can plant your tulip bulbs as early as September. For best results, refer to information and the best time to plant tulips for your particular location. Once you’ve planted your tulip bulbs, you need to make sure to use good soil and compost. Also, tulip bulbs need to be watered thoroughly after you’ve planted them.

Your tulip bulbs will grow well in full sunshine as long as you have well-draining soil. It’s always best to make sure you’re able to drain properly. Try to arrange the tulip plants so that they can drain properly when watered so you don’t have problems with over-watering. As long as you pay attention, the tillage method will become easy.

How to regrow Tulip Bulbs in Water

Your tulip bulbs can regrow in water, but it’s best to let them grow back in the soil first. You don’t have to follow this route, however, some people even store tulip bulbs in paper bags for up to three months before moving on. When you’re ready to plant your bulbs, you can get a vase and fill it with about two inches of rock. The rocks there help hold the bulbs while the roots can still absorb the water. You should fill the pot with water until it is about an inch from the bottom the pot. Once everything is finished, you should put this pot in a dark and cool place within a month.

It is very important to change the water quite often, once a week at least. Pay attention if you notice any sprouting. Once the bulbs start to sprout, you can take them out again. You can start taking care of your tulip bulbs as you did before they first bloomed. If everything goes according to plan, then you can continue to repeat the process after your bulbs have matured again.

However, sometimes it is difficult to get everything perfect by using this water method. Some people have had great success with this but others have been unable to make it work occasionally. This is why it’s often a lot easier to use soil to replant tulip bulbs, but by no means impossible. Many people simply find that hydroponics is a lot easier to use even if it takes no time. You should know about both methods so you can make an informed way.

Final thoughts

With a very simple way to grow tulips in the water gardenhow.net guides above, you can completely create your own brilliant tulips. Especially the way to grow tulips in water displayed on the Tet holiday is nothing more wonderful. It not only helps you save money for the family but also enjoy the beauty of the brilliant flowers created by yourself.

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